star wars origami I've made.maybe some contests to win origami.

Ask yoda

Ask anyone anything in the comments.

102 thoughts on “Ask yoda

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  2. Can you help Spyro win the OE

  3. Hello.where is Kaos?oh Robby I have my own wordpress account. There is a troll behind you.I got it.

  4. Haha okay yoda says:Over, the oe is. So no. Yes, hmmm.

  5. Will snot trooper ever have its own book

  6. hey yoda, this girl i really like keeps being all mysterious. i’v known her all my life and she has never been like this. she keeps telling her fiends to come ask me if i like her. witch i do. i wish she would just tell me weather she likes me or not. so yoda , heres my question: does she like me or not??????????????

  7. Sf Luke yoda says:like you she does.shy she is.comfort her you must.
    I say yoda is right.oh yoda also says:something bad,happen to her.save her you must.
    I say you should listen.that same thing happened to me.the girl I like tripped and hit her head on the desk.I could have caught her but I did not.

  8. thanks, i’ll try that. but what if it does NOT work. what do i do then yoda?

  9. sorrry isaid that 2 times.

  10. darth paper: sf luke, yoda is wrong. i can sense that she hates you, stay away from her.

    darth paper

    P.S: have anything to add paperwad yoda??? (wheeze)

  11. Darth paper? Yoda says:wrong you are.like him she does.wisdom siths do not have.

  12. hey i like this girl shes 3 years younger then me and shes a Cristin and she likes someone in her school and im 10 and shes 8 pls help

    p.s. i have known her al my life and now she dose not like me:(.

    • Wait? Your 10 and she is 8?let me get this straight,you are ten and she is eight?

    • Spyro: spews* you are WAY too young to date. Wait until shes 16.

    • Christen* does* not trying to be rude.

    • Soapy: Tell her that you love her more than anything else. Then kiss her. Make sure her boyfriend comes in while ur kissing her. If that doesn’t work, I have a better idea.
      My better idea: go to ur nearest “Kona Ice” snow cone van. Ask for the soapy flavored slush. The server will give u the coordinates or the violin academy of north America. Enter the coordinates on google maps to get the address. Go to the address. Break all the windows. Get arrested. Look under your cell bed. There will be a key to a vault at greengots. Get bailed out. Go to London. Go to the leaky cauldron. Go to diagon ally. Go to greengots. Give the goblin ur key. He will take you to the vault. In the vault, there is a orb. The orb contains the very essence of magic. Enroll at Hogwarts. Get the recipi for love potion from professor slughorn. Make the potion. Go home for Christmas break. And give the girl the love potion.


  13. oh yeah how do i get her to like me?

    i was once her boyfriend:(.

    • You dated? Well yoda says:if like you once she did then small feelings for you she still has.

    • Spyro: HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! YOU DATED!!!! HOW OLD WERE YOU!!!!!?????!!!!!?????!!!!!????? EVEN ROBBYS NEVER DATED AND HE’S IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!
      Robby: yeah. Cause I’m too young to date. I’m not 16.

    • Spyro: ask her why she doesn’t like you. You might have changed the thing she did like about u while u were dating.

      • she said she changes her boyfriend ever year

      • Soapy: Changes her boyfriend every year?! That’s just @$&#%*& stupid. Tell her that shes just a stupid $&@%#*!!!!!! For doing that. I mean, only bad people do that.
        Me: sorry for soapy’s language. He’s just a little worked up. He’s tying to stop. Don’t tell her that. But I do agree.
        Spyro: if I was dating, then I would date a girl who actually has stuff in common with me and will actually love me.

      • Soapy is going to talk again, only nicer.
        Soapy: Changeing your boy friend every year is what messed up girls do. She probably didn’t even like you. She just dated for fun. Dating should be fun, but also good. Sorry for my last comment. I’m trying to stop, but that girl sounds messed up and @$&% weird. She got me worked up.

      • she does have a lot in common with me

  14. plz fix your time todays the 16 at 8:13

  15. if you keep bugging her she is NEVER going to like you! i can already sense the hatred. epic (wheeze) sper folder, stop(wheeze) talking to her (wheeze). (WHEEZE) curse this stupid helmet, now i wont stop wheezing. (wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze) aww come on!!!!!!!!

  16. How can I be better at gymnastics?

  17. hey yoda if i get a camera im going to make a origami star wars know any good sites other than origamiyoda.com?

  18. to make origami

  19. darth paper: of course (wheeze) there are other sites for origami. (wheeze) duh!

  20. darth paper: yoda, i have a (wheeze) question for you. can i (wheeze) ask it and will you(wheeze) awnser it?

    P.S: try to give me some GOOD advice!!

  21. Yoda says:ask questions to Jedi,siths do not.but advice I shall give.

  22. Soapy: yoda, why does everybody think I like to cuss?

  23. can you get me a English to monkey dictionary plz

  24. Okay.#$@1@$##87#$%$#$_++=||}{?>>>!@@32@!#@@$#$#@**^(:()()())(()()()QWET*$%@YAHOO.com Means soapy the awesome monkey@yahoo.com. #&^%&^^^@5#%@!!!#$@!. Means…um…I don’t want to put that down since I don’t cuss and little kids may be on here so….let’s just say certain words.

  25. hey yoda, can you give me your e-mail so i dont have to come to this sight just to ask you a question

  26. so i can ask you a question without having to go on this site. PLEASE????????

  27. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. sup new peorson

  29. hey yoda, whats my locker combo.

  30. sorry sf firk but, i want yoda to awnser my question

  31. YOUR RIGHT YODA!!!!!!!!!! you see, at my school they changed locker combos. my original one was 43,7,22. but they changed it! i dont know why. but they changed it! now it is 49,5,28. HOW ON EARTH DID YOU DO THAT????????????

  32. Yoda says:That is for me to know and you to find out not. Yeesssssss.

  33. you just got (wheeze) lucky !

  34. it was not luck. it was the FORCE!!!!!!!

  35. hey yoda, i sent you an e-mail and you still havent gotten back to me.

  36. hey yoda, whats my dads name?

  37. Soapy: billy-bob-jilly-John is your dads name.
    Spyro: are u crazy soapy?!?
    Soapy: no I’m not ya $&@%#$&@

  38. jo???

  39. hey yoda please click here: PLEASE

  40. Soapy: monkey to English dictionary:
    Poopodork: okorkashsher/@&$@?%#
    Flaming diaper: ruohahah/@@@@$$$$$&
    Hobbitsis: duj/@&$?%##*
    The f word: yuouite/$%#@&
    Monkey: monekee
    What do you see: mankini
    Robby: the awesomest guy ever.

  41. thats a lie! if anybodys the awesomest guy ever, its shinndigger.

  42. Uh, I have a question for yoda. : Yoda, there’s this pretty girl and I won’t date her till Im old enough. So how can I get her to like me back and want to date me when I’m 16 and not date anyone until then. I am in two classes with her; gymnastics and reading, wich are back to back. She is in 7th grade like me but she also is in the advanced violins group so she is 8th grade level at violins. I just feel like she would like me someday. But I need to know how to get her to like me.

    • O and I also don’t know her name. I’ve tried to figure it out but I can’t seem to find out. And she is also my friend’s girlfriend’s friend

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