star wars origami I've made.maybe some contests to win origami.

Contest page

Hello.you want a contest? Here is one.send my email a pic of the cover yoda and I will choose the best one.what you win?an army of origami yodas!that is 20 yodas and you get a bonus darth paper.My email is deante002@yahoo.com

4 thoughts on “Contest page

  1. i have a army of 10 ewoks and 10 clone papers

  2. can i send you darth paper from the cover yoda icant make its HARD

  3. Yes you may.oh and if anyone has instructions or origami they want to send in you can.this ends dec.14.

  4. Riddles:
    There’s a murder in the circular hotel. The suspects are the chef, maid, and Pikachu.
    Chef: No. I would never kill. I was making dinner.
    Maid: I was dusting the Cornors.
    (old style game boy music) a wild Pikachu appeared! Pikachu: Pika. Pika pi. Pikapikapikapikapikapika. Pi.
    Who did it?

    You have a bag of seeds, a chicken, and a wolf. You need to get them across a narrow bridge. But chickens eat seeds, and wolfs eat chickens. Only you and one of them can cross at a time. How do you cross?

    Close your eyes and imagine that you are in a race car speeding onward the finish line. There’s a brick wall in your way. You are speeding to fast to get out or stop. What do you do?

    You are in a concrete house. There are no windows or doors. All you have is a table and a mirror. How do you escape?

    Awnsers are below.

    Scroll down more

    Keep scrolling

    Almost there

    Maid: there are no corners in a circular hotel

    Bring chicken, go bak, get feed, bring feed, take bak chicken, bring wolf, go back, bring chickens across.

    Open your eyes and stop imagining

    Look in the mirror, see what you saw, use the saw to cut the table in half, two halfs make a whole, jump in the hole to get out.

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