star wars origami I've made.maybe some contests to win origami.

Bad news.


if you have heard about the…..incident,then you will know why I am closeing the site for today.hug your family and friends tighter,you’ll want them close.if you dont know then watch the news.it’s so sad,I can’t even type it.

Author: deante002

I like origami,yoda,and star wars.join my website sfdeante.wordress.com

2 thoughts on “Bad news.

  1. I heard about it too. By the way (off topic) my friend Nolan thinks that his teacher I on drugs cuz she gave them two worksheets and an essay before a test. (topic back on) I ont know why everyone won’t talk about it. If I died, I would want people to talk about it, as a story of hope.

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